Sponsor Page Content

Sponsor companies can use the sponsor profile page to professionally present themselves and their services. There are many options for customization that enable you to provide participants with detailed information and further options to get in touch with sponsors (e.g. via social media).

All content elements are optional, but we recommend to use as many of them as possible in order to leave a good impression.

  1. Banner: 5:1-10:1 aspect ratio, resolution min. 1440px width and approx. 300px height, PNG format
  2. Logo: 3:1-8:1 aspect ratio, landscape, recommended: SVG format (freely scalable), or PNG format (approx. 300px width and 70px height)
  3. Subtitle/Slogan: max. 255 characters
  4. Description: formatted text possible, max. 2500 characters
  5. How We Stand Out: Showcase main strengths and attributes, term cannot be changed, formatted text possible
  6. Social media profiles: enter URL from the browser’s address bar, adding XING and LinkedIn company profiles is not possible at the moment
  7. Company and sponsor reps: The organizer needs to be informed about the sponsor representatives in advance so that a booking can be made and a Virtual Venue link for these representatives can be added, see: How to Submit Sponsors. If the sponsor representatives are linked, they are displayed on the respective sponsor page under representatives. By clicking on the person, a private chat room can be opened via "Meet now" in the short profile
  8. Video: MP4 format, 720p-1080p, multiple videos can be displayed in the same player window, see also: VOD Video Content Requirements (Video On Demand)
  9. Sessions: will only appear if there are sponsored sessions or talks and content will be added automatically
  10. Contact data: formatted text possible, you can enter XING and LinkedIn company profiles here
  11. PDF downloads: please provide as PDF, see: What Requirements Does a PDF Poster Need to Meet to Be Correctly Displayed?
  12. External links: enter external links such as company websites or product websites