The Virtual Venue Login Failed (Participants)

1. Does my computer meet the requirements for participating in the virtual event?

2. Do you have a valid booking to access the Virtual Venue?

Your booking is valid?

  • Proceed with step 3 and check your login information.

You don’t have a booking for the event?

  • Use the link to the event website or participant registration which appears next to the fields where you enter your login data (Fig. 1). If there is no link available or booking is not possible anymore, please contact the organizer.

Fig. 1

3. Did you enter your login information correctly?

  • Both the user name and the password are case-sensitive.

  • If necessary, use the link to reset your password (Fig.2; Fig. 3).

Fig. 2


4. I have checked the access data and my booking is valid. However, I still receive the "User name or password is incorrect!" message.

Fig. 4

  • In rare cases, a corporate network or VPN’s HTTP proxy settings can prevent a successful login if HTTP authorization headers are not correctly sent to the server. Whitelisting the Virtual Venue platform can solve this issue. For further information, see: Enabling Connections via Corporate Networks and VPN

  • It might be necessary to contact the IT department in charge of the network configuration.