The Virtual Venue Login Failed (Organizers)

Does a valid booking for accessing the Virtual Venue exist?

Does the person have a booking?

  • Search the Converia backend for the person.

Search bookings

If yes, does the booking contain the correct booking option?

  • If the booking option is incorrect, remove it from the booking. Add the correct one.

Add Booking option

Has the invoice been updated?

  • Whenever you make changes to the booking, it is absolutely necessary to update the invoice.

Update Invoice

Are the person's login credentials correct?

  • Make sure that upper and lower case characters are entered correctly and that you are using the correct login data for the participant.

  • For data protection purposes, passwords are not visible in the Converia backend which is why you won't be able to see the currently used password. To ensure a successful login, set a new password and try to log in.

  • If the login was successful, inform the participant. Never send the new password together with the user name.

Enter the person's details

Check the user name & Enter new password

User name and password were sent but it’s still not possible for the person to log in.

  • In rare cases, a corporate network or VPN’s HTTP proxy settings can prevent a successful login if HTTP authorization headers are not correctly sent to the server. Whitelisting the Virtual Venue platform can solve this issue. For further information, see: Enabling Connections via Corporate Networks and VPN

  • It might be necessary to contact the IT department in charge of the network configuration.