What Requirements Does a PDF Poster Need to Meet to be Displayed Correctly?

Please submit your posters as PDF only. Multi-page posters are possible. The following requirements must be met so that the poster‘s content can be displayed correctly:

  • max. size 25MB
  • no interactive content
  • no forms
  • no videos
  • no navigation
  • no blend mode
  • no patterns and gradients
  • no ICC color profiles
  • no protected fonts
  • no double pages
  • no encryption or password protection
  • as a vector image file
  • only text, images (only embedded as JPG, GIF, or PNG), tables, and lists are primarily used
  • all pages have the same format and the same size
  • all fonts are fully embedded
  • the file is saved as PDF/A

The organizer may specify further details and requirements regarding the format.

NOTE: For better display of posters in the Virtual Venue, we recommend requesting poster PDFs for the Virtual Venue in landscape format.