Audio or Video Commentary For Posters

The Virtual Venue offers poster authors an opportunity to provide an audio or video commentary to accompany the poster PDF in the Poster Gallery. This feature allows the author to summarize and highlight the most important aspects of their material. It also offers participants an additional way to interact with the material when browsing through the Poster Gallery.

We recommend the following formats for uploading audio files:
  • AAC (high quality, file endings: aac, m4a, f4a)
  • MP3 (good quality, file ending: mp3)

Note: There is no file size limit. Unlike video files, the size of audio files is generally a negligible factor. 

However, you should specify a maximum time length for the audio commentary as this will be a helpful guide for the poster authors and give a more consistent experience to other Virtual Venue users.

We recommend the following formats for uploading video files:
  • MP4 (high quality, file endings: mp4)
Note: Uploading a file with a higher size may result in very long loading times or technical difficulties. We loosely recommend a file size limit of 400 MB to experience a smooth uploading process.