Livestream Visibility

Participants will only be able to see the livestream video player during the time slot as specified in the session. For session chairs, moderators, and organizers, the livestreaming video player is visible at any time so they can start testing prior to the start.

Onboarding begins 10 minutes before the start of a live session, and the video player with the livestream will be activated and is visible for participants. It is recommended to start the livestream a bit earlier and show an intro (e.g. a slide saying that the stream is going to start soon; a timer or a dimmed image of the stage).

NOTE: The specifications for the visibility of the livestream video player also apply to Zoom/BBB buttons for entering webinars or meeting rooms.

A livestream begins as soon as the signal is available on the livestreaming channel. The stream will stop if the signal is deactivated or discontinued. If the DVR option is active (Digital Video Recorder), participants have the option to restart it from the beginning at any time. Livestreams will be recorded automatically as soon as a signal is available. If the signal is deactivated, the recording process will be interrupted. If the signal is reactivated, a new recording will be started.

It is important to know that the livestream will be hidden from participants 20 minutes after the session ends. This is necessary in case a livestreaming endpoint is used in multiple sessions.