I have a problem with my conference. Can I contact the support team?

If you have problems with your conference, you can always contact the support team. To guarantee a fast process of your problem, we kindly ask you to give us as many information to the process/problem as possible. This may contain:

1. Information needed

  • Which conference is concerned?
  • If it concerns a booking/invoice/submission, please state the ID/name/title.
  • A complete screenshot of your browser, incl. the URL, is always a big help.

2. Initial situation

  • If necessary, any technical information (e.g. your device, the browser you’ve used, the browser version)
  • What did you work on?
  • What behaviour did you expect?

3. Detailed description of your problem

  • What kind of problem appeared?
  • With which process do you need help with?

We will gladly help you and the more details we have about your case, the better we can help you.